MyCFAVisit is the Chick-fil-A customer satisfaction survey. You designed this MyCFAVisit Survey to ask customers whether or not they like the restaurant’s food and service. MyCFAVisit is not just a survey, you will receive a free sandwich for completing it. Make sure you answer the question honestly so Chick-fil-A can improve and fill in the gaps.


This Chick-fil-A Customer Survey is hosted by Chick-fil-A Company to get customer feedback on Chick-fil-A Customer Survey, Chick-fil-A Store Cleanup, Employee Behavior, product, and more for the customer. You can share your important opinion about this Chick-fil-A Customer Survey by following the steps below. Here, the customer must share their experiences during a visit to Chick-fil-A.

So you’ve found the perfect position to complete your hassle-free Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey. Suppose you complete this MyCFAVisit Customer Survey to obtain a validation code from the MyCFAVisit Customer Survey.

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The company operates more than 2,773 restaurants, primarily in the United States, with locations in 47 states and the District of Columbia. More restaurants are planned in Hawaii and the US territory of Puerto Rico.

MyCFAVisit is a research service provided by Chick-fil-A to improve its services. In return, they will give you free food. MyCFAVisit is currently giving away free sandwiches to complete the survey. See how you can fill out our chick survey.

Follow The Survey Steps

  • Go to
  • For English, go to step 3. For Spanish, select the blue hyperlink at the bottom of the white box and go to step 3.
  • Select how you visited the store.
  • Select your overall satisfaction level on a five-point scale.
  • Continue to use the scale and answer other questions.
  • Please respond if you have a problem. When this happens, you will be asked about the issue and whether it has been resolved. If you did not encounter a problem, select No and continue.
  • Whether you are very satisfied or not, you will be asked why you gave this rating. Use your own words and write them in the text box. This is optional.
  • Answer a few yes or no questions about your order.
  • Select what you ordered from the items listed. You can choose more than one.
  • Answer a few more questions about your order.
  • Answer multiple questions using the scale.


  • Answer questions about the company’s relationship and community donations.
  • Include how many times you ate out and how many times you ate in this restaurant.
  • Answer a few ranking questions.
  • Receive your code. Write the code at the top of the receipt. Take the code/receipt to the same restaurant to take advantage of the offer.

What Are The Conditions To The Survey?

The basic requirements for completing the survey are as follows:

  1. English or Spanish

The user must be able to speak English or Spanish when completing the Chick-Fil-A survey. On the website, you have the option to choose one of the two languages.

  1. Internet connection

To complete the Chick-Fil-A service, you need a stable Internet connection. You can use your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or tablet to take the survey. If you are unable to access the site or the survey form, please take a few minutes to check your Internet connection.

  1. Invitation code

A customer receives a random code during their visit to the restaurant or sometimes on the receipt. You have 48 hours to answer the MyCFAVisit Survey with the code, as it will no longer be valid in two days.

Rules To Complete The Survey 

  • Your age must be over 18 at the time of the MyCFAVisit Survey.
  • Respondents must visit a point of sale to obtain valid proof of purchase.
  • Respondents must meet all requirements and follow all rules to receive a free validation code for Free Sandwich.
  • Respondents are unable to convert the verification code to cash or any other alternative.
  • At MyCFAVisit will always receive a free sandwich with a free validation code or promotional code.
  • For MyCFAVisit you need a valid email address to receive the free validation code after successfully completing the MyCFAVisit survey.
  • Survey participants can only participate in a survey by the purchase receipt.
  • Employees, officers, directors, and close relatives are prohibited from participating in the investigation of Chick Fil’s complaints.
  • A PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Exciting Rewards

Each respondent will receive a free MyCFAVisit validation code and a Free Sandwich coupon code. However, to win the free sandwich, respondents must register on their MyCFAVisit official survey website at to pass the survey with the free Chick Fil coupon code.


Once the survey is complete, a free validation code will appear on respondents’ screens. Just write in a safe place, take it with you, and enjoy your delicious free chicken sandwich the next time you go to the grocery store. Free Chick Fil validation code or promotional code for Free Sandwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MyCFAVisit search used for?

Well, that’s a good question. MyCFAVisit Survey allows Chick-fil-A to analyze customer needs and improve their services. In addition, after successfully completing MyCFAVisit, customers will be rewarded with delicious free Chick-fil-A meals.

I don’t know if I should submit my personal information. Is it to save?

Another big yes. Your personal data is completely safe with MyCFAVisit. You can submit your data without panic.

Will my comments really be taken into account?

A big yes. MyCFAVisit evaluates each of the comments received and takes the necessary action. They still believe that self-improvement is a never-ending process. And MyCFAVisit is one of those self-improvement efforts.

Do I need to buy an item to take the MyCFAVisit survey?

Yes, it is mandatory to purchase an item. A receipt is required to start the survey.

Can I participate in the MyCFAVisit survey at age 16?

No, there is a strict rule that you must be at least 18 years old.

Couldn’t you go further by taking the survey?

Make sure you enter the survey code numbers correctly. If correct, please ensure that you must complete the survey within two days of purchasing an item.

Official NameMyFCAVisit
Portal TypeSurvey
RewardsFree Sandwich
Conducted ByChick-Fil-A

About MyCFA

Chick-fil-A (a game with the Anglo-American pronunciation of “filet”) is one of the biggest and biggest fast-food chains in America, specializing in chicken sandwiches. Its headquarters are in College Park, Georgia. The company operates more than 2,773 restaurants, primarily in the United States, with locations in 47 states and the District of Columbia.


More restaurants are planned in Hawaii and the US territory of Puerto Rico. While former stores in the UK and South Africa are closed, Chick-fil-A restaurants in Canada will remain open. The restaurant serves breakfast before moving on to lunch and dinner. Chick-fil-A also offers its customers a selection of its menu for special occasions.

In 1946 Chick-Fil-A was originally founded as Dwarf Grill. He later switches to “Dwarf House”. In recent years, he changed his name to Chick-Fil-A. With more than 2,300 restaurants, the restaurant is listed in 47 states. Chick-Fil-A recently moved to another state in Hawaii.

Dear friends, check out the Chick-fil-A details here in a nutshell, including important information like the founding of Chick-fil-A, the headquarters of Chick-fil-A, the Chick-fil-A product, and more. Chick-fil-A is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and the chain has more than 2,000 restaurants across the United States. Chick-fil-A, Inc. is a fast-food restaurant specializing in chicken sandwiches, wraps, and other chicken dishes. The company was founded in 1946 by Samuel Truett Cathy and still belongs to the Cathy family.

This fast-food chain is incredibly family-friendly, and kids will love the iconic cow images that appear in many of its locations. If you have a big meeting to organize, Chick-Fil-A is also available for event catering with trays of nuggets and other items perfect for feeding crowds.

Why Take Survey?

The MyCFAVisit survey is a short questionnaire that a customer can complete to give their opinion. Chick-Fil-A is a buffet restaurant offering chicken, side dishes, and salads to feed the pasta. You can also stop at the restaurant for a delicious and hearty meal.

MyCFAVisit is Chick-fil-A’s customer satisfaction survey. You designed this survey to ask customers whether or not they like the restaurant’s food and service.

In fact, you can help Chick-fil-A’s management team improve, improve their service and improve the quality of their products with this feedback on the MyChickfilavisit customer satisfaction survey. Upon successful completion of the Chick Fil Online Feedback Survey, each participant will receive a redeemable code or validation code unique to the Chick Fil Survey.


That you can easily redeem on your next visit to a restaurant or retail outlet. I’m sure I’m saying they’ll always bring you chicken-free sandwiches. You can also get various discounts on your next purchase.

The Chick-Fil-A survey consists of collecting customer opinions about food, service, environment, and level of satisfaction. Chick-Fil-A uses this information to improve its service and provide a better user experience. You will also receive a free chicken sandwich using the validation code you received when filling out the survey form.


As a final note, I hope you have received all the information regarding MyCFAVisit as per your needs, and I hope you will use this page to get the company’s response. We will be happy to help you with any problems in the comments below, so feel free to contact us. Feel free to share with your friends.

Food connoisseurs can’t resist Chick-fil-A’s delicious chicken. You can buy a subscription and accumulate points that convert to great rewards when redeemed. Take the mycfavist survey and get a free sandwich. Purchase is essential for chick acceptance research. You will receive a code 24 hours after participating in the survey. The code will be sent to the participant by email.

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